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March 29, 2010


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ok here is a little story about being rescued, I'm not sure it means anything but your analogy made me remember it:

When my Dad was still alive and he and my mother were living by themselves in PA he was watching TV (probably w/o pringles or beer) and she was napping on the sofa in the room at the other side of the house. So he falls down trying to stand up and lands on the carpet between the chair and the end table. He is yelling for help but it isn't actually a yell because his Parkinsons made it a loud whisper. Mom is snoring away and things look bad for him at least for a while. Then he notices the phone, which having been on the end table has been taken down to the carpet with him. Of course he calls 911 and tells the dispatcher "help I've fallen and I can't get up" (a classic right). She dispathces the EMTs and they pull in the driveway about 10 minutes later with the lights and the siren and start running toward the house. At this point my mom wakes up and sits up and through the double set of sliding glass doors she sees what she later referred to as "a bunch of guys in uniforms with toolboxes attacking the house" This is probably not a good analogy for my mother's faith because I think she knows right well that Christ is her savior and everybody else's too but it is a funny story with surprise EMTs. Next time maybe I can find a reason to tell you the one about "my parents and the Bear"

Hey LIsa,
I'll have to find a way to work your parents and the bear into a future message :-)

i love jesus

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